ANNOUCEMENT -- Post and Post often

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ANNOUCEMENT -- Post and Post often

Post  Lori on Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:24 am

Hey guys -- post and post often.. This is time for us to start populating the board.. put useful information on it.. I will from time to time put info up -- but would like to see useful stuff here to get ready for launch. If you want a new header (forum - within this forum) - let me know -- email me and I will create it. At this point I am the only one who can create them -- NOTE IF YOU CLICK ON THE CREATE FORUM on the home page -- you will be making your own personal forum -- not connected to this one. If you post something and believe it should go in a different a new forum let me know and I will create the forum and move it...

My Launch plan is to do a mailer to homes within the Poetry Border (?) - once I figure what that is -- and put up flyers (you know the ones with the little pull tabs) at Jacks -- maybe the school -- not sure if it will be allowed. I will not be using the PCCS Directory as that is not it's purpose. Any other suggestions to get traffic up would be appreciated -- I LOVE HELP and take criticism well..

While this site will not be an official PCCS site, or 4H site, or girlscout, or boyscout, or Church, or whatever -- I will encourage groups to use it and as they do we can add forums for them -- that way we can begin to populate the calendar.. --- I just might want to go to an Easter Egg hunt at Poetry Baptists (and may never drive by there to see their marquee) - but, if I see it on the calendar here - I just might make it... You get the picture..

Please use the site -- please post in it -- I don't want this to be just one of those sites that sits stagnit and useless -- we already have several of those in Poetry - and I would like to see this one be useful and dynamic..

Thanks All -
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